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Article Archive

Each month I try to add another paragraph or two to the main page about some topic related to shotglasses and shot glass collecting. This page contains the archive of those items.

Shotglasses From Disney

Shotglasses From Disney

Shotglasses From The Future

Shotglasses From The Future -- NYC 2012

Non-English Shotglasses

Non English Writing on Shotglasses

New Shotglasses Book

New Shotglass Book by Pickvet

Shotglasses From Around The World

Shotglasses From Around The World

Shot Glass Definition

Shot Glass Definition -- Need For a Change

Annettes Display Case

Display Case from Annette

Thailand Glasses

Glasses about Thailand Made in Thailand

Movie Glasses

Movie Glasses -- View Askew Productions

Military Glasses

Military Glasses

State Glasses

State Glasses

Display Cases

Display Cases

How To Determine A World Record

How To Determine A World's Record - July 2002

Plastic Shotglasses!

Comments on the trend of making shotglasses out of plastic - June 2002

Why Do You Collect Shotglasses?

How did the average collector get started? - May 2002

Selling Your Collection

The best way to sell a shot glass collection - Februaury 2002

International Glasses From Epcot

Unusual glasses from Disney - January 2002

Two Fingers

Gimme two fingers of whiskey! - December 2001

Canadian Glasses

Culver Glass -- from Canada - November 2001

10,000 Glasses

10,00 glasses in my collection - September 2001

Finding places that Sell Shot Glasses

Where to buy shotglasses? - August 2001

Types Of Glasses

What types of shot glasses are there - May 2001

Nesting Cups

Cups that fit inside of each other - April 2001

New page -- Shotglass Values

How much is that glass worth? - March 2001


Glasses that are shaped like sewing thimbles - February 2001

Is That Design Etched or Cut?

How was that design added to the glass? - January 2001

The First of a Very Popular Set

Early glasses with eyes inside - December 2000

My Most Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions About Shotglasses - October 2000

Another milestone (or two) for my collection

Collecting Milestones - September 2000

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