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One of the more interesting glasses that I have encountered is currently being made as a toothpick holder. My way of distinguishing between a shotglass and a toothpick is to look at the rim: If the edge is smooth like a glass, it is a shotglass. If the rim has a fancy sawtooth, or is made of molded flowers and leaves, or any other non-smooth surface, then it is a toothpick. Since these have a smooth rim, I call them shotglasses (especially since they are made out of glass and not porcelain). These glasses are shaped like an oversized sewing thimble, with the words Just A Thimble Full on a section of smooth glass between the rim and the dimpled bottom.

Some of these glasses are "antique" while some are of modern production. I have two colors (clear or crystal and orange) that are not on the list of colors currently being made -- I do not know if this means they are originals, or just colors that have been discontinued by the current manufacturer. Some of these glasses have no mark on them, while others have a circled W on the inside base. I do not know if this is a means of distingushing between manufacturers and dates, or is just a sign of not enough glass in the mold to take an impression. As far as I can tell, the circled W was a mark for L.G. Wright, but they are no longer in business, and their assets (including molds) were sold at auction. The glasses are currently being reproduced by Mosser Glass of Cambridge Ohio (whose mark is an M in an outline of the state of Ohio, so they do not have the Mosser mark). Mosser sells them as toothpick holders in five colors: Cobalt blue (dark blue), Hunter Green (dark green), Pink, Teal (aqua/light green) and Vaseline (bright yelllow whigh glows under blacklight). I have also found a place online that sells them: BargainShack Thimbles

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