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Other Shot Glass Collecting Pages

Embossed medicine dose glasses that advertise drug stores, pharmacies, apothecaries, druggists, pharmacists, etc.
Shot Glasses Pre-Pro.com A Site for Pre-Prohibition Glasses
Shot Glasses from The Open Directory Project
Dimos' Shot Glass Collector's Page -- Hard Rock and more
Jen's Hard Rock Cafe Shot Glass Collectors Connection
Tinman's HRC and PH Shot Glasses
dbrown's Shot Glass Page

On-Line Store and Catalog Pages

(stores get rebuilt frequently, causing links to break -- let me know if you find a broken one)
Engraved Shot Glasses
Pewter Shot Glasses
Shot Of The Month Club
Display Cases and Racks and California Shot Glasses
Shotglasses -- With pewter designs
Beer Koozies.com -- Beer Koozies or Coozies and Can Koozies too. Custom Koozies, No Minimum Order!
Hot Shots - Shot Glass Manufacturer
ShotglassRacks.com - Display Cases
Grandpajon's Woodshop - Display Cases with Sliding Plexiglass Doors
Royal Selangor - Pewter and glass shotglasses with animals
ZipCabs (was Rising Moon Products) - Display Cases with Adjustable Shelves
Jack Daniel's glasses and more
Australian Merchandise
Quaffer.com "The shot glass with a built-in chaser" Similar to the "double-bubble" or "Chaser Jigger" but better
Custom Displays - Shot Glass Displays
New York Sport Teams

Other Pages of Interest

Design Village Floorcloth A wide selection of unique custom made canvas floorcloths. Specializing in stencil design patterns from historical homes, traditional quilt patterns and country folk art.
webclerks - just because it's so cool
Skyy Vodka
Absolut Vodka
The Corning Museum of Glass
Summit Dog And Cat A Veterinary Hospital in Summit, New Jersey
Brats Cats and Expats A New Jersey blog with an international flair

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