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International Glasses From Epcot

Epcot at Walt Disney World has a section called the World Showcase where a number of countries have re-created a portion of their country for your enjoyment. Some have rides, some have restaurants, and they all have shops -- it's almost like travelling around the world. A few years ago (around 1998), there was a set of shotglasses, one from each of the represented countries, with the flag of each country on a glass. These "glasses" were ceramic, and had no marks on them that would identify them as being from Epcot -- the ones that I have are listed here Epcot Flag Set.

I went to Florida for Thanksgiving this year, and of course visited Epcot. While there, I discovered that they have a new set of glasses. Like the old set, each glass of this new set has a flag of one of the countries on it, but unlike the old set, this set is not ceraimic -- the glasses are made out of clear glass. In addition to the flag, the new design has the country name (usually repeated three times, but not always). As with the earlier set, there is no mention od Disney or Epcot on the glasses. I did not enter them as a set, so they are a little harder to find in the database, but the shouyld show up Here.

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