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Canadian Glasses

I have had a complete set of what I call the Federal Recipe Set for almost 10 years, and have seen the same glasses many times. I even have two sets in their original boxes, which describes them as a "Rumpus Set" from the Federal Glass Company in Ohio. I just received a box from Canada that looks very similar, but calls them a "Galaxy Rumpus Set" from a company named Cutler (with no location given for the company). I though that this was just going to be one of those times where the boxes are different, but the glasses are the same, and two of the glasses are identical to the glasses from the Federal box. But the glass with the recipe for a Manhattan has the word Rye instead of Bourbon (as in the picture to the left) and the glass with the recipe for Sours has the word Scotch instead of Rye. Also, the recipes on the back have changed to use the new type of liquor.
I have one other Cutler box, but did not know that it came from Canada. The glasses in that box gave a bowling theme, and I have not seen that design in a Federal box, so I was unaware of the connection between the two companies. The other Cutler box does look like some of the Federal boxes, but I just thought it was a case of one company copying a rival. If anybody knows more about Cutler, let me know!

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