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Plastic Shotglasses!

Someone recently asked me what was the largest category (Souvenir, Advertising, etc.) of glasses in my collection. As anyone who visits this site often knows, I prefer to describe my glasses and provide keywords for searching. I do not put glasses into categories, because many glasses fall into multiple categories, or do not fit any of the categories that you have already created.

I decided that it would be interesting to figure out, if I did categorize the glasses, what would be the largest category. So I rearranged my database and came up with some totals. At some time in the past, it was Advertising, especially glasses of different brands of alcohol, that was the largest category. At the moment, I have more Souvenir glasses than any other type.

How did advertising, especially liquor advertising, fall behind? I blame it on the current trend of making plastic shotglasses. Plastic glasses are cheaper to produce and give away, and they have the additional benefit that, when they break, people are less likely to get injured. But I still do not like plastic glasses, and while I regularly find new souvenir glasses, I rarely find new liquor Advertising glasses to add to my collection. (And I forget, is a Hard Rock glass Avertising or Souvenir? :)

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