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Another milestone (or two) for my collection

I recently added a few interesting glasses to my collection, and also added glass number 7,000 to it (I now have over 7,000 glasses). The world record is over 8,400 different glasses, and the person with that collection has over 12,000 glasses total, so I still have a way to go :) I am not certain how many different glasses I have because I keep noticing new details, and have to go back through my collection to see if I missed it when I described a similar glass, or if it is truly a new variety.

For those of you who know what the "Roving Eyes" boxes look like, there is a picture of a "bad guy" or "thief" on the box. I have finally found a glass with that design! The saying on the back is "Down Da Hatch!." The image is "dull" (not shiny enamel) and is larger than most of the other "Roving Eye" designs -- it is almost as tall as the glass itself -- with very little space above and below. With it was one of the "I Say Jolly What" glasses, and it too has a "dull" finish and a much larger image. Another difference that I note is that the lines of words on the back are spaced differently than those on similar glasses, and there is no comma after "I Say"

Another recent find was a "Bottoms Up" with two monkeys hanging by their tails, but this one is different than all of the others that I have seen. This one has black monkeys with red faces, but it also has the monkeys holding something in their usually empty hands. The monkey on the left is holding a bottle, and the monkey on the right is holding a glass. The lines of the bottle and glass are rather thin, so I guess they were removed because they were causing quality control problems.

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