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Types Of Glasses

I have been thinking about how people classify glasses, and came to the decision that there are really only two types of shotglasses: Advertising and Barware. It is obvious to most people that a glass with the Jack Daniel's name is and "Advertising" glass, a glass advertising a brand of whiskey. Many people talk about "Souvenir" glasses (I like "Souvenir" better than "Tourist") but what is a "Souvenir" glass except a specialized type of Advertising? Many cities and states have slogans developed by some advertising agency: "I Love New York", "Virginia Is For Lovers", "New Jersey And You, Perfect Together". Even sports teams are a form of advertising for the city that they play in -- they get people to come to town to see games and spend some money while they are there. If you go to Disney World and buy a Disney shot glass, that glass is really just and advertisement for the Theme Park.

The Barware category covers the kinds of glasses thqat would have been purchased as something to use in a home bar or around the dinner table. This includes glasses that are part of a larger set of glassware, glasses with humorous sayings, and glasses with measuring lines. The Elegant Glass, Carnival Glass and Early American Pattern Glass are all types of Barware, as are sets like the Roving Eyes and the larger "Say When" glasses.

What do you think about there only being two types of shotglass? Click here to send me a message and tell me what you think. I have not been able to come up with any glass that does not fit in these two categories...

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