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Display Cases

Over the years I have had many people ask where they could buy a display case, so I sent them an address or two, and asked them to let me know if they purchased one. Nobody has ever given me a report, so I decided to write a review of my own.

I am a woodworker and often make my own shelves, but I often like to look at cases that someone else has made, partly to compare their workmanship with mine, but also to get some ideas on how to do something different. I recently obtained a case from www.haileyent.com and am very pleased with it. I had mentioned to Gene at Hailey Enterprises that many people want to have one glass from each of the 50 states, and that it would be nice to have a display case that would hold these 50 glasses, so he made one for me! The first thing that I noticed about the case is that each of the sections of the display is square, so that you can hang the case either vertically or horizontally. In the past I have used old Coca-Cola crates to display my glasses that have soda-related designs, and although these cases had square openings, I had never thought of making a case that you could mount either way. This is very useful when you move, because although a vertical case may have worked in your old house or apartment, a horizontal one may work better in your new one.

Many people want a case that will keep the dust off of their glasses, and this case has a sliding cover made of plexiglass that will keep the dust off. I have never had someone mention that they wanted a cover to stop the glasses from sliding out of the case and falling to the floor, but over the years I have broken a few glasses and know quite a few people who have broken other collectibles because they were on open shelves. Most people in the earthquake prone regions of the west will appreciate this, but I live in the east so earthquakes are not my concern -- small children and animals are! Over time many items "walk" toward the front of cabinets and shelves because of vibrations from outside the house ( heavy construction equipment) or vibrations inside the house (kids running through the house) I also have one glass that has a chip in it because a friend decided to shoot a paper clip at my collection (he wanted to see if he could hit one) -- a cover would have saved the glass!

The case itself is beautiful! The workmanship is excellent and the fit and finish are the best I have ever seen (and I've seen quite a few!) This case will not work for those of you who collect tall shotglasses, but they have at least one case that will work for tall glasses -- case with adjustable glass shelves. This case will also work for any other non-standard sized glasses, But the thing that I like most about this case is the fact that the shelves are made of glass -- I always thought that glass shelves would work best for displaying shotglasses.

If you are looking for a display case, I suggest that you check out Hailey Enterprises NOTE: Although these links no longer work, I want to keep the article. Gene stopped selling online when taxes needed to be collected -- too much paperwork!

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