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The First of a Very Popular Set

Last month I wrote about finding one of the first "roving eye" glasses -- the "Down Da Hatch!" glass with an un-shaven bad-guy wearing a mask and a checkered cap. Well this month I found another of these, but this one is even better -- I found an entire set in the original box. I was very surprised to see that they are not called Roving Eyes -- the box has the phrase Sure-Shot - The Eyes Have It!! on the cover, and both of the letter "e" in the word eyes have an eye in it. Unlike the last one that I found, the design on this one is shiny, just like all of the other ones, but like the previous one, the words are formatted differently (more lines, more space between the lines) than the majority of these glasses. The glasses have the Anchor Hocking mark on them, but the box does not have a company name. I think that Anchor Hocking provided the "raw" glasses to another company, who added the design.

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