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New Shotglasses Book

Mark Pickvet has written another book about shotglasses. The text portions of the book are minimal, but the text contains interesting revelation -- Pickvet has loosened his definition for a shotglass:
  "shot glasses vary widely in style and shape; nevertheless the overall determining factor is that it is a small drinking vessel of small capacity" Small capacity might mean that one is perhaps 3-1/2-ounces or 3-1/2-inches in height.  
Unfortunately, he still excludes a number of items that most collectors would not.

Unlike his earlier books, the majority of the illustrations in this book are color photographs, although there are a number of drawings and other types of images. The book includes a number of new types of glasses, including those from NASCAR, glasses from the triple crown horse races and those from Theme Restaurants. The Hard Rock Cafe glasses do not mention the shape of the glass, but I believe that most of the Hard Rock designs that he lists were not available on "standard" shaped glasses, so they must be the Tall glasses, which he has not included before.

This book is Available from Amazon. Click here for more details about the book, including errata.

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