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Display Case Review

I recently obtained a shotglass display case from Annette's Gift Zone. These cases are made by a company called Tannery Lane from Wisconsin. The case that I have is model 9141 which has 21 tall openings. From the picture of this case, I thought that the openings were only wide enough to hold tall glasses, like those from the Hard Rock Cafe, but the openings are 2 1/2 inches wide which is large enough to hold double shots, like those from The All Star Cafe.

The rear of each opening is covered with black felt, which makes the displayed glasses stand out, especially when lit from the front. I personally have made displays that have a white background, but I am not sure which I like better. The case has a sliding glass front, and the edges if the glass are rounded which helps it slide smoothly, and protects the user and the wood from scratches. The front protects the contents from dust, but it also stops the contents from falling out (like that would ever happen :)

The case is very sturdy,and unlike many other cases that I have seen, I would not be afraid to mount this one on the wall. Almost every other case that I have seen were made of such thin wood that I felt that it would fall apart if I actually filled it with glasses -- 20 or 30 glasses can be quite heavy. The wood is very nice, and the fit and finish are excellent. If I have to find something wrong with this case, it would be that it is only available in one color, which might not go with every decor.

If you are looking for a case to display your glasses, I highly recommend those available from Annette's Gift Zone.

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