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World Of Disney

On a recent trip to New York City I visited The Disney Store there, which is called "World Of Disney." While there, I found a set of four shotglasses in a box that are supposed to be exclusive to that store. Each glass has the letters NYC, but the C has a mickey mouse shaped opening at the center. Each of the glasses has a different design, featuring one of the classic Disney characters. Donald is dressed as a fireman, Goofy is driving a yellow taxi, Mickey is dressed as a policeman and Minnie is dressed as the Statue of Liberty (with yellow shoes, of course). At a price of $16.00, the glasses are less expensive than most Disney glasses I have gotten at the theme parks. The sticker does not call them shotglasses, it does not even indicate that they are glasses. There is no description, only a SKU: 400152804318.

Shotglasses From Disney

More Fun from Disney

I just picked up a couple of "tall" or "shooter" style glasses from Disney's California Adventure. Disney has sold shotglasses for many years, but they go out of their way to separate the glasses from drinking alcohol. Although the occasional glass is labeled as a shot, they usually call them "toothpick holders." One of the earliest shotglasses from Disneyland came with sword shaped toothpicks, to reinforce that it was not supposed to be used for drinking.

Calling a standard sized shotglass a "toothpick holder" works because they do a pretty good job as a toothpick holder. A standard sized shot hold the toothpicks, keeping only the tips exposed, and since the top of the glass has a larger diameter than the base, the tops of the toothpicks spread out, making it easier to take only one pick. Using a Tall style glass to hold toothpicks is not very practical -- the glass is deeper than the picks are long, so the ends do not stick out, and the sides of the glass are straight, so the picks do not spread out. To get a pick out of one of these, you need to stick your finger in the glass, and it will be difficult to select a single one.

I really do not care what Disney calls them, but if calling them toothpick holders means that there will be more different styles, I will be glad to buy more toothpick holders from them, even if they are not very practical for holding toothpicks :)

New Shotglasses From Disney World

I recently went to Walt Disney World for a family vacation, and found new shotglasses at the World Showcase at Epcot. For those of you who are not familiar with Disney World, the World Showcase is an area where they have pavillions representing countries from around the world, which are staffed by nationals of those countries -- walking around that section of the park is almost like being able to walk to a dozen different countries! There have been at least two other sets of glasses for the countries at the world showcase, the last new set was introduced about 2001. The new glasses are the same designs from 2001, but this time they are on taller, pestle-shaped glasses. What I thought was particularly interesting was the fact that the new glasses were not available at every country -- some countries had the new style, some countries had the old style, while some did not have either style. But since I could not get the new style at every country, I'll have to go back again real soon to find them!

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