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Thailand Glasses

You may have seen a link on my links page or a posting on the message board for shotglasses from Thailand.

I recently ordered a group of shotglasses from the company who makes them Hot Shots and they arrived over the weekend. I opened the box and saw that there was a good layer of foam protecting all sides of the box. After removing some of the foam I was pleasantly surprised to see that each glass came in its own, small, clear plastic box. The boxes protected the glasses as well as any paper or bubble wrap, but it also saved me from having to unwrap each glass to look at them!

The shotglasses themselves are beautiful! The designs are often made out of many different colors, and the "registration" of the colors is very precise -- you do not see part of the image shifted to one side. The "base" glass that the design is added to is very clear, not cloudy like some of the cheap glasses that have been appearing lately. Also, since these glasses do not have a "not to be used for food or beverage" disclaimer (as many new glasses have), you know that they are made from quality materials, and were made to drink from :)

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