This page is dedicated to my other hobbies (other than shotglasses), other areas of interest, and anything else I feel like dedicating some space to.

Computer Careers

My high school has a regularly scheduled "Career Day" where juniors and seniors get to investigate some of their areas of interest for future study and or employment. The day involves meeting with graduates of the high school who work in these areas. When I was attending high school, we did not have anything like this, and I think it would have been helpful, so I have participated in every career day that they have had. Since I work in the field of computers, I have created a handout titled Things to think about if you are interested in a Computer Career.

Unix Tutorial

I work as a Unix Systems Administrator, and often need to help people who are new to Unix. A few years ago I created some documents to help.

Perl Tutorial

One of the most useful programming languages for Systems Administration and for running websites is perl. I wrote a series of documents to introduce perl to people who already know how to write shell scripts.


In the spirit of my perl-hints page, here are the same items, written in python


My family name is fairly rare, and my grandparents knew nothing about our family history, so I have been investigating the various names that make up my genealogy. I have a site dedicated to my Family History


One of my many hobbies is woodworking

New Jersey History

I did not grow up in New Jersey, so I know little about the state or about the area where I live. I found a site ( NOAA.GOV ) that has images of old maps. To find larger, more detailed versions of the maps pictured below, click on the link, select "New Jersey" in the Select a Region input field, select "Cartographic" in the Select a Type input fieldand then search.
Hickory Tavern is mentioned on a historical marker near my home today, and appears on the 1812 map. Jugtown is today West Portal, while Sunburn is now Milford.
from 1777

from 1812

from 1833


I've been building things with Legos for over 30 years, and now my daughters are getting into them.


various things that are talked about
  • traffic: I think the number one cause is trucks (they cannot maintain speed on hills, but don't move to the slow lane) and the second and third causes are stupid drivers (who are afraid of trucks) and stupid road designers (was a left exit, which forces the slowest drivers into the fast lane, ever a good idea?)
  • gun control (gun control means being able to hit your target) If you don't want children playing with guns -- teach them about them. Teach every kid three simple rules: 1) EVERY gun is loaded (even when you think it's not) 2) Do not point a gun at anything you do not want to put a hole in 3) Never put your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to put a hole in something
  • SUV's: For the people who say that SUV's shouldn't be on the road because they are too big, if you can get the get the 18 wheelers and other large trucks off of the road, then we can talk about SUV's (and no, I do not own one or drive one)