Commands that everyone should be familiar with - more details




to change directories

to make a directory

to remove a directory

what directory am I in

joining commands with pipes

output redirection


Commands that are different between dos and UNIX



to delete a file

to copy a file

to change a file’s location

to change a file’s name

to look at a file’s contents

to look at a file’s contents one screen at a time


network related commands



to connect to a remote machine

to change your password

to copy files to/from remote machine

to determine if machine is accessible

file contents


to see how many parts (characters, words, lines) are in a file

to see how many characters

to see how many words

to see how many lines


view the end of a file

to view the beginning of a file

to find a "string" in a file

to find a string in the output of a command

to create an empty file

to determine what "type" of file

find a file on disk


file properties


to determine size/ownership/permissions of a file

to change the permissions on a file

to locate a file by name

determine how much disk space is used/available


user / group

/etc/passwd lists who has accounts on the machine

/etc/group lists the "groups" defined on a machine

display who you are and what group you belong to

display your environment

who is logged onto the machine




what processes are running on the machine

sending output of one command to another command (pipe)

sending output of a command to a file (output redirection)

getting input for a command from a file (input redirection)


find out how to use a command






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