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Generalist vs. Specialist Large Company vs. Small Company Development, Production and Maintenance Education: College/University vs. Tech School vs. Self Study Note: You get out of school what you put into it. If the assignment is "boring" what can you do to make it more interesting? (Use it as a chance to learn a new language? Use it as a chance to learn a new platform?) If there is no course on "Digital Imaging" and you are interested in learning more, can you do an independent study class/paper on the topic? This way you get the "formal" education of school and the "informal" education of self-study at the same time.

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Non-Standard Standards

I do not know if this is common in other fields, but in the field of computers, the same job description at two different companies may be completely different jobs and may have very different requirements and responsibilities. Some of the differences come from the size of the company, some come from the type of business the company is in (tech vs.. finance vs.. pharmaceutical) while others are "side effects" of the last person to fill the position. As an example, here are the requirements or job functions of some of the Unix Systems Administration (or SysAdmin) jobs that I have had: Some of these jobs required direct interaction with "clients" or "users" while other interactions were "indirect" -- working with a helpdesk. Some of the jobs required interacting with technical people while some of the jobs required interacting with non-technical people, and others required interacting with both technical and non-technical "users."