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Shot Glasses by Mark Pickvet - May 2004
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There are a number of Errors in the book, and the errors can be placed into a number of different categories. The first ones are editing errors that should have been caught during the editing process. To detect these errors, no understanding of the topic is required. The second type of error are errors in classification that are fairly straightforward, while the third type are not necessarily errors in classification, but where I believe there is a more appropriate category then the one that Pickvet chose.

Note: Glasses are listed with a code made up of three parts, separated by dashes:

  • Pickvet's Number that he assigned to the glass,
  • the book the glass appears in and
  • the page number in that book that the listing appears.
So PHS180-4-68 means that the glass has been given pickvet number PHS180 and it appears in book number 4 on page number 68 .

Editing Errors

page 27: incorrect image for ANE389 (image is ANE365-4-25)
page 64: incorrect image for PDP033 (image is PHS180-4-68)
page 91: incorrect image for SNJ120 (image is ANE345-4-24)
page 131: incorrect image for UCA060 (image is WSD023-4-145)
page 131: incorrect image for UCA080 (image is WAM060-4-141)
page 108: incorrect image for TKS120 (image is TOK120-4-122)
page 93: STN050 caption says "please provide correct info"
page 13: The table is alphabetical, but places ATR before ASX
page 7: text makes no sense: "... damage, are also worth very little. Of course, there stained, or monogrammed; however, the vast majority"
page 9: text states: "In the glossary, you will still..." -- there is no glossary in the book
page 72 or 197: PPA508 - picture is Wild Turkey, description is Grouse
page 167: ANN066 - description has a typo: "Goerge"
page 172: ASX074 - description has a typo: "Ccktail"
page 182: CNS377 - description has a typo: "Ottawas Senators"
page 190: FGT200 - description has a typo: "deutshland"
page 190: FGT201 - description has a typo: "deutshland"
page 196: PPA034 - description has a typo" "incorrectly listed in Bk. q, pg. 58 as PPD030"
page 204: SCA220 - description has a typo: "Oakland A'ss"
page 220: TCO220 - description says "Connecticut" either a typo or miscategorization TCT
page 222: TFL031 - description has a typo: "BAckground"
page 225: TLA102 - description has a typo: "Louisanna"
page 226: TMD122 - description has a typo: "Sowrdfish"
page 227: TMI039 - description has a typo: "Taqquamenon"
page 229: TMI273 - description has a typo: "Verticall"
page 230: TMN108 - description has a typo: "EnameledBird" -- one word
page 231: TNC100 - description has a typo: "TheTarheel" -- one word
page 231: TNC102 - description has a typo: "# horizontal lines"
page 242: UMI102 - description has a typo: "detroit d"
page 238: TTN181 - description has a typo: "Bottlegger"
page 238: TTX142 - description has a typo: "EnameledScenes" -- one word
page 254: Index has typo: Hendriz, Jimmy ANN164

Classification Errors

ANE180-4-21 Star Trek Adventure is/was an attraction at Universal Studios, Hollywood -- Advert or Tourist?
ANF100-4-30 this is not advertising, it is a part of a larger set of glassware => P??
ANN075-4-31 meet me in cheers detroit - advert or tourist?
ASX014-4-40 this is not advertising, it is "barware" -- a "recipe" set called Here's How by Jeanette => P??
DMS500-4-503 are not depression era. The style of glass does not appear until the 50s and the style of box they come in dates to the 70s.
DSP320-4-186 Teem is a soda -- Advertising => DSA not DSP
FET103-4-53 London Bridge - London Bridge has been in Lake Havasu City, Arizona since 1963 (finished in 1971) => TAZ
FGT103-4-190 Liechtenstein is a separate country, not part of Germany
FHT200-4-191 Aruba is a separate country, not part of The Bahamas
FIP100-4-191 "Israelii letters" should be "Hebrew Characters"
PPD090-4-199 "ABC" stands for "Alcohol Beverage Control" => Advertising
PPD101 a "roving eyes" design => should be PPE
SKY130-4-208 Del Mar Thouroughbred Club -- in California not KY -- also correct spelling is "thoroughbred" => Advertising? Tourist?
SSC350 to SSC354 Carolina Hurricanes -- play in Raliegh, North Carolina => SNC
SSC300 to SSC304 Carolina Panthers -- play in Charlotte, North Carolina => SNC
TDC011-4-102 Monticello -- Monticello is in Virginia => TVA
TDC150-4-221 Field Museum Of Natural History is in Chicago => TIL
TFL050-4-222 "1975 Ft. Lauderdale... cruise ship & palm tree" -- part of design from Southern Airways 1976 => ANS141
TFL125-4-222 Oceana -- is this Florida? Oceana county is in Michigan => TMI?
TFL142-4-222 Silver Lake Sand Dunes are in Oceana county, Michigan => TMI
TKY115-4-225 The Ozarks -- unless the Mississipp River cuts through the mountains, Kentucky is on the wrong side of the river to include the Ozarks
TKY480 to 516,
TKY580 to 596
Belmont Stakes -- Belmont is in New York, but since it is a "major" sporting event, I think this should be TUS
TNM103-4-117 Steamboat -- Steamboat is in Colorado => TCO
TUS100 Foreign Countries and Cities => Barware or P?? not Tourist
TWV105-4-130 image is map with university logo pointing out location of school => UWV
UCA011-4-131 USC = South Carolina Gamecocks => USC
UNY001-4-135 St Joseph's Preparatory -- Prep schools are not Universities. Also this is in Pennsylvania -- description says "St John's" not St. Joseph's
WSP042-4-250 Paul Jones should be WSJ
  • PPD265 - description "Red and Black indian..." - picture shows baby, not indian
  • PPD266 - description "Red and Black indian..."
  • PPD267 - description "Red and Black indian..." - picture shows baby, not indian
  • PPD268 - description "Red and Black indian..." - picture shows baby, not indian
  • PPD269 - description "Red and Black indian..."
  • PPD270 - description "Red and Black indian..."
  • PPD271 - description "Red and Black indian..." - picture shows baby, not indian
  • PPD272 - description "Red and Black indian..."
PPD271 belongs with babies, PPD266 belongs with indians
Inconsistent Classification
SUS300-4-97 and
both are glasses for the 1996 Olympic games that were held in Atlanta. One glass was classified as "Sport US" while the other was "Tourist Georgia." I believe that Olympic glasses should be classified as "Sport US" but regardless of where they end up, the classification should be consistent.
Sport US or
Sport State or
Adv or
Major Sporting Events are classified differently
TIN121-4-224 Indy 500 - Tourist or Sport?
America's Cup = Sport US
SUS310-4-96 World Cup = Sport US
ANE140 Pan American Games -- wouldn't "Sport US" be better?
SUS051-4-95 World Series = Sport US --(the description does not mention the design on the other side, but I can tell from the picture that it is the Braves)
SUS052-4-95 World Series = Sport US --(the description does not mention the design on the other side, and I cannot tell from the picture, but it should be Toronto)
SNY218-4 1996 World Series Champs = Tourist or Sport US
SUS203-4-96 SuperBowl = Sport US
SUS204-4-96 SuperBowl = Sport US
STX150-4-93 SuperBowl Champs = State Sport
SWI310-4-96 SuperBowl Champs = State Sport

Area for debate

page 10 "Manufacturers have continuously pushed the limits in creative design. They made glasses outside of these dimensions and advertised and sold them as shot glasses" --
The old definition does not fit anymore -- Good!
page 12 "A shotglass is a tumbler"
-- In an earlier book Pickvet explained that a tumbler has a flat or convex (curved outward) base. Since most Shotglasses have concave bases, (ones that curve inward -- they leave a ring after you pick them up) the definition of "tumbler" does not apply, and never really did. Libbey Glass agrees that not all shotglasses are tumblers, and they separate shotglasses that are tumblers from those that are not. Libbey Glass Catalog.
page 12 "A shotglass is a tumbler, which means that it it usually does not have a stem, handle, or separate foot, though there are those with tiny feet that were made as shot glasses"
-- As mentioned above, the term tumbler is not accurate, and now he mentions that some shotglasses have feet, which does not fit the old definition.
page 12 "A shotglass ... usually does not have a ...handle"
-- Libbey has been making a shotglass with handle for years style 5026 - Shot Glass - Maritime. Federal made mini-mug shotglasses for years. As mentioned above, the old definition just is not accurate
page 12 "Bootglasses are not tumblers since the base is not convex"
-- But most shotglasses do not have convex bases either, so this either means
  • that most shotglasses aren't shotglasses OR
  • that this as a fallacious argument
Since this is a false argument, bootglasses should not be excluded. Also Libbey makes a boot 97038 - Boot Shot - Plain that they call a shot.
page 12 "Old English dram glasses and some modern whiskey glasses are made of metal"
-- OK but why does a shotglass have to be made out of glass? Eyeglasses are often made out of non-glass materials, but does that mean they should be named eye-plastics?
page 12 "Plastic is not true glass either."
-- If the Alcoholic beverage industry has decided that plastic is a valid material for shotglasses, why does a shotglass have to be made out of glass? (see above)
page 12 "Small candleholders for instance are designed to hold 2" diameter candles"
-- Actually, Libbey has been making this style of glass as a Jigger since the 50s or 60s Style 2303 - Jigger - Lexington and although it has been adopted by the candle industry, it is still a Jigger -- and FGP116-4-57 which is in Pickvet's book is that size/shape with a modified base
"black porcelain replica" Pickvet uses this name for "black" glasses. The problem is that there are at least two different types of "black" glass, one is actually a very dark purple or amethyst, while others are truly black (no light passes through). You need to hold the glass up to a strong light to tell the difference.
ANE405 and 406 not advertising but barware -- part of a set of four by Anchor Hocking => P??
ANF025-4-29 tequila cuervo unico -- shouldn't this be classified under Mexico?
ASX001 "en mexico" -- shouldn't this be classified under Mexico?
PPD153 description says "polo player" -- looks more like a fox hunt outfit
PPE001 to 004 made in Canada => CN?
PML250 shouldn't this be MSG -- it has more than just a line
Sport or Tourist Kentucky Derby glasses (and other triple crown races) are classified as Tourist. I think Sport is more appropriate
Sport or Advertising NASCAR glasses are classified as Advertising. I think Sport is more appropriate.
SUS020-4-94 baseball hall of fame -- why Sport and not Tourist?
UCA260 Although the Scripps Institution is associated with the University of California, San Diego, I wouldn't call the glass "University"
multiple locations
multiple states
busch gardens, six flags, disney, some casinos (especially Caesars) -- some glasses were available in multiple states -- Designs without a city name, should be listed as US
Sea World (without city names) were available in 3 or 4 states => should be US
TTN108-1-132 Lee Surrendered... -- available in multiple states => should be US
rebel flag -- available in multiple states => should be US
The Ozarks - cover parts of AR and MO -- where do you put it?
Hoover Dam - on the border of AZ and NV -- where do you put it?
Lake Tahoe - on the border of CA and NV -- where do you put it?
Sport Teams A description that says "team logo" is not good enough. Many teams have changed their logo, so the description of the glass needs a description of the logo.
Sets That Are Not Listed As Sets
DMS601-4-45 is part of a Federal set (with PPD001, PPD003 and PPA008 as indicated by two, identical boxed sets)
DMS604 is part of a decanter set and other than color, the same as DTP302
Set: Soda members not associated with each other coke (ANE041) 7-up (ANE056) Nesbitt's (not listed) and Welch's (not listed) -- probably should not be classified as Advertising either
Set: Have A Belt PPD181 - part of a set of 4 -- different colored belts
Set: Bartlett Collins Natives PPA208 belongs with PPD012 PPD013 PPD014
  There are probably more sets that need to be identified -- see my database where I indicate sets including those from my collection of sets in their original boxes.
Many Sport glasses belong to different "sets" -- from different years -- but the descriptions do not make it clear which glass belongs to which set. The pictures do, in most cases.
Set: MLB Anniversary SCA050, SIL209,
Set: NFL Shield SCA051 (CHARGERS), SCA309 (CHARGERS), SIL301, SMI050,
Set: NFL Names On Back SCA103-4-86 SDC100-4-87 SFL100-4-88 SFL308-4-88 SIL100-4-89 SIN100-4-89 SMI100-4-90 SMN100-4-90 SNY101-4-91 SPA100-4-92 SPA101-4-92 STX101-4-93 SWA100-4-96
Set: NFL Names On Back (Thin Base) SMO100-4-91 -- thin base glasses are newer than those with thick bases -- thick base should have the name Papel on the bottom
Set: NFL with Circled TM : SCA101-4-86 SCO100-4-87 SLA100-4-89 SMA100-4-89 SNY100-4-91 SOH100-4-92 STX100-4-93
Set: Double TM another NFL set has a TM associated with both the Helmet and with the Team Name
What distinguishes the two glass?
What distinguishes the 80s glass from the 90s glass?

Other Problems or Comments

page 13: table lists ANT, BTU and IAG as glass types, but there are no glasses in the Pricing Guide section with these classifications
page 13: there is a PPP010 but PPP is not in the table
page 14: there are FQCs in the Pricing Guide section but Q is not in the Countries table
ANN170 to 173 lists four styles, but without 4 pictures or better description, cannot tell what glass is what number
ANN203 to 206 multiple items, but without better description, cannot tell what glass is what number
PPD020 to 023 not 40s -- probably 70s like PPD306
Theme Restaurants
ATR Planet Hollywood has put out three types of glass: Flared, Std and Tall
ATR Rainforest Cafe -- two designs - tree and frog
ATR All Star Cafe -- two designs -- none listed
ATR Fashion Cafe -- none listed
ATR Bubba Gump -- none listed
ATR Hooters -- none listed
ATR Dave and Busters -- none listed
Sport Glass comments
NASCAR releases new glasses every year
Kentucky Derby puts out multiple Designs and/or multiple Glass Shapes every year. Derby shots started in 1987, and the 1987 glasses are the most valuable, with values starting at about $300.
The "rare" gold derby glass comes from a limited edition Triple Crown Set, containing one Belmont glass, one Derby glass, one and Preakness glass
Pickvet lists Preakness glasses starting in 1990 -- As best as I can find, the first Preakness glass is from 1992. Also, he lists all glasses as multicolored -- most of them are a single colored design.
Pickvet lists Belmont glasses starting in 1990 -- As best as I can find, the first Belmont glass is from 1992.
Another horse race, the Breeders Cup, has been putting out glasses since 1988.
Other comments
Why use abbreviations such as "ard" in descriptions?
Most DWA items should probably move to W..