Our Family Tree

Listed below are the known branches of our family tree
Anna Catherina BAECKER
 B: 08 May 1749
 D: 23 Mar 1816

    I054 Anna Catherina RAUSCHKOLB
    I055 Johann Friedrich RAUSCHKOLB
    I058 Anna Elisabetha RAUSCHKOLB
    I061 Johann Philip RAUSCHKOLB
    I070 Anna Christina RAUSCHKOLB
    1537 Johann Peter (Peter) RAUSCHKOLB
    I075 Johann Jacob RAUSCHKOLB
    I076 Johann Paul RAUSCHKOLB
    I078 Johannes RAUSCHKOLB
    I088 Johannes RAUSCHKOLB
    I089 Anna Maria RAUSCHKOLB
    I092 Juliana RAUSCHKOLB
Heinrich BAECKER
 D: before 1763

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