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A Shotglass Database

The following links and searches are connected to a database of shotglasses. The primary source for this information is my personal collection, but I have added in the glasses listed in the Pickvet books (see below) and some descriptions that I have gathered from other sources. If you have information about glasses that I do not have listed send it to me, and I will add it to the list.

This database is large, so you can either view the View the glasses alphabetically
Or you can view parts of it, separated by topic.

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or type in your own word or words to search for (this is a simple search, it looks for exactly what you type in) :

Here's the old list of shots broken down into about 60 pages -- The search engines are not finding things since I changed to a dynamic site...

The Pickvet Collection

This link will take you to a database of the glasses listed in the first two books written by Mark Pickvet.
The "catalog numbers" that are listed in all of these documents are a combination of

For example, a catalog number of PPD402-1-97 means that Pickvet gave it a catalog number of PPD402 and a drawing of this glass appears in his 1st book, on page 97.
Please note that the descriptions are the best I could make out from the drawings in the books.