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Posted by Brantlcl on November 12, 2020 at 21:58:55:

5 excellent reasons to Visit Beijing

What to do in BeijingBeijing is a huge city, However exact same solutions major sights of Beijing are located fairly centrally. It's very easy to find the way these sights because Beijing, as with other Chinese cities, Has an excellent trains and buses system: The Beijing Metro / Beijing subway is impressive. There is plenty to see and do in Beijing and so if you are planning a visit you might want to consider investing in a Beijing guidebook or Beijing City Guide. I visited Beijing last year and was amazed by the City. I saw many interesting Beijing Sights but for this hub I will include information and photo's for what I consider to be the top 5 sights in Beijing.

explanation why 1. Explore Tiananmen SquareAsk anyone what to do in Beijing and the first answer will in all probability by to visit Tiananmen Square. The initial thing you notice when you visit Tiananmen Square is the sheer size of it. It's the third largest city square in the realm behind only the Praca dos Girassois in Palmas, Brasil and Merdeka block in Jakarta, Indonesia which is somehow more than twice how big the Tiananmen Square. ok, i'll assure you, At a height and width of 440,000 rectangle metres, This popular square is still absolutely enormous.

from Tiananmen Square's huge size it can feel a little baron. there's always some activities and events going on there but everyone is always on their best behaviour. Many people in the international community still associate Tiananmen square with the scenes that were broadcast across the world in 1989. In 1989 Tiananmen Square pro democracy protests were crushed by government forces resulting in the deaths of hundreds of civilians.

a fun time to visit the Tiananmen Square is around sunset. at the moment every day the flag of the Peoples Democratic Republic of China is lowered and carefully folded and put away by the guards. People gather in the Tiananmen Square to watch the ceremony are held and show their national pride. If you're an early riser you are able to see the ceremony for raising the flag that takes place at sunrise.

contributing factor 2: The Donghuamen Night MarketSituated only a few blocks away from Tiananmen Square one can find my second reason to visit Beijing: The nightly Donghuamen Night Market that comes together on the pedestrianised Wangfujing Street. This is essentially tourist fodder but is a very different experience compared to the markets one would normally be accustomed to if not from China.

On offer at the Donghuamen Night Market are such Chinese delicacies as scorpion, dog, Sheep's member, Tarantula, Crickets and lots of other creatures that you may not consider eating. But all of them are here to be eaten. It's free to wander around the market but in paying to try things. The prices are more than the locals would pay but they're not exactly astronomical. Who knows the market rate for sea horse just the same? Any visit to Beijing will incorporate a visit to the Donghuamen Night Market at Wangfujing [url=]gifts for chinese girlfriend[/url] Street.

attorney Visit Beijing 3: Visit The Forbidden CityAdjacent to Tiananmen Square is The justly famed Forbidden City. Here you will find the Imperial Palace which was home to the Ming, And in the evening the Qing, Dynasties who ruled the Chinese Empire for almost half a century until the revolutionist movement of the early twentieth century.

similar to most places in China, And just like the country itself, The size of the Forbidden City complex is grand to put it mildly. besides the impressive Imperial Palace which was the seat of all Emperors and their governments from 1420 to the 1920's, The Forbidden City complex hosts around 980 buildings. not surprisingly the vast array of temples and ornate buildings and artefacts is designated as a UNESCO world heritage site and is acknowledged as having one of the worlds largest collections of in tact ancient wooden structures.

When you visit the Forbidden City you need to plan your visit well. This is one of China's most popular sightseeing opportunities so try to avoid visiting on a public holiday or at the weekend. The sheer numbers of visitors can make a visit to the Forbidden City rather distressing. Includes lots of photos of the great wall of china and details about the Mutianyu wall sections of the great wall.

motivation 4: Hike The Great Wall of ChinaAlthough the Great Wall is not technologically in Beijing, It may be easily visited as part of a day trip from the city. The local, And most desired section of the wall, Is at the Beijing Badaling wall section just about 50 miles from Beijing. It's easy to get to by public transport although many people choose to take the hassle out of it and go with an organised Great Wall tour group.

The section at Badaling has been potentially restored to showcase how it would once have looked. Another section that is available in a day trip from Beijing is at the Mutianyu Great Wall section. Located roughly the particular distance from Beijing as Badaling, But in unique direction, Visitors who travel to the Mutianyu Great Wall are rewarded with much fewer visitors to contend with. page, You are much less likely to have other people walking into your Great Wall pictures and you're a lot almost certainly going to be able to wander off and find your very own spot of the Great Wall in which you can take time to marvel at and reflect on the great wonder on which you are standing.

objective 5: Photograph the national Grand TheatreOpened in 2007, This is one of a number of Beijing's executive marvels of the 21st Century. the nation's Grand Theatre of Beijing may not make it on to everyone's list of top Beijing sights but if you're a lover of original architecture like me then you can't miss a trip here. I say trip but in reality it's just a short stroll from Tiananmen Square.

within the National Grand Theatre building there are three large halls: The ie hall; the music hall; And the treatment room hall. the building, created by French architect, john Andreu, Is a dome like shape made of titanium and glass.

The building is entirely surround by a moat of water with access being permitted through an underground tunnel. Even by Chinese construction standards the building was incredibly expensive and it's difficult to imagine anything so grand being built anywhere else considering the current financial system. Make sure your Beijing trip includes a trip to the Beijing National Grand Theatre and ensure you have a good camera. I guarantee you'll not be be disappointed. Entrance to pretty much all Beijing sights and attractions has very generous reductions in price for students, Even non Chinese scholars. Just show your ID and the discount is as much as 50% at some places. in fact, Most ticket offices won't be able to distinguish if or not what you are showing them is a genuine student card or not. I'm not suggesting this, Just revealing. But thorough background check get away with showing your bus pass as long as it's got your photo on it!6 in the past from Brooklyn, new york

Loved my in time Beijing. So much to do in so little time. the best Wall is a must. I also went to visit to a TCM doctor. amazing. I wrote several of hubs and I am still in awe. It is a place to go back to often. happy memories!shiny Doran

6 years ago from birmingham, british

all the best! I found the theatre quite by accident but glad I found it. Cheers6 years ago from united states.

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