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Posted by Mark (leave feedback to contact me) on May 02, 2011 at 13:48:37:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: 1971 Micky mouse shot glass posted by Zach on January 05, 2011 at 15:04:59:

Disney World opened in 1971 so there are many items with that year, but most, if not all, are not from the first year of the park. Tall, shooters were not around in '71 so this one is not from the early years.


: ya...sounds like the same one......but i gave 50 cents for mine. u can e-mail me sometime if ya want to bs about shotglasses or whatever....

: : I saw this very shot glass just today in an antique mall. Actually, it was a shooter type glass and the decoration was in gold and black. It was clearly marked as 1971. It also had an oval shaped Disney sticker still on the bottom. It was priced at $3.00 .

: : : i know it is from 1971....cuz it says 1971 on it. and on the bottom is a sticker that says disney on it with the 1971 logo to. i will take a pic of it....but i dont know how to put a pic on ya..... well...thanks for the info back on it. ;)

: : :
: : : : I would love to see a picture!
: : : : How do you know that it is from 1971? Is there a maker's mark on the bottom of the glass?
: : : : Most Disney glasses go for a bit more than your average glass -- in the $8-$10 range

: : : : Mark

: : : : : i have a 1971 micky mouse shot glass.....and it says Walt Disney World at the bottom of is mostly in gold except for Micky himself...he is black. i know it is prob not worth a whole lot....but i am just tryin to get an idea "ballpark guess" on what it is worth.....i looked for it online....and could not find anything on it. another thing.....i have around 2000 shot glasses.....and would love to know what each one could be there a website that could maybe help out with that? thanks very much for any comments or e-mails back ;)

: : : : :

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