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I've always been a fan of animation, and one of the largest group of non-Disney animation comes from Japan. As in all things, some is good, some is bad -- it all depends on what you like. Here are links to DVDs and to some books that help non-Japanese learn about the culture and images or themes in the films.

Don't know much about Anime movies -- Here are some reviews

Anime Critic


         cover Bubblegum Crisis - Collector's Suite
         cover Macross Plus - Parts 1&2Macross Plus Vol 01
         cover Macross Plus - Parts 3&4Macross Plus Vol 02
         cover Project A-Ko
         cover Tenchi the Movie 1: Tenchi Muyo in Love
         cover Tenchi Forever - Tenchi the Movie
         cover Tenchi the Movie 2: The Daugher of...
         cover Project A-Ko
         cover Megazone 23, Part 1
         cover Roujin Z
         cover Lain: Knights
         cover Iria: Zeiram the Animation - Episodes...
         cover Record of Lodoss War : Complete Series...Record of Lodoss War Episodes 1-13
         cover Tenchi Muyo: OVA DVD Box Set
           Amazon Anime DVD

Books About ANIME and Japanese Culture

         cover Japan Edge : The Insider's Guide to Japanese Pop Subculture
         cover Samurai from Outer Space : Understanding Japanese Animation
           The Anime Companion: What's Japanese in Japanese Animation
         cover The Anime! : Movie Guide
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